Can Cars Be Considered Works of Art?

Posted by Phoenix

Most people know what art is, but things keep changing from time to time. Every once in a while, people will tell you that something new is a work of art and that you don’t understand it properly, lacking the education, depth or appreciation for art. Well, others will call that same thing a thing, and not a work of art. Cars are often controversial topics, especially when connected to art? Could you consider a car a work of art? Most definitely, and in different ways, as well.

The Interior/Exterior – Artistic Expression

Cars can be made to look like anything, from race cars, which need to be aerodynamic, to regular sedans which can look good or bad, depending on who you ask. The Fiat Multipla is an example of abstract art, or as many would call it, very ugly. Some would classify it as being in a league of its own. Multipla jokes aside, the interior and exterior of a car allow for artistic expression. Some car manufacturers have their own designers, others hire external designers to create interiors and exteriors. By default, design means creating art. In that sense, cars can definitely be works of art. Today, plenty of manufacturers have competing designs, which change from year to year, especially because materials can be bent in more ways, to make different shapes.

The Technical Art – The Engines and Electronics

Cars can be artistic from a different perspective. You might have heard people open up the hood of a car, look at the engine and say that it is a work of art. And rightfully so. Most engines, especially modern ones, are very complex in their design, and combine mechanical and electrical parts, not to mention state of the art computers which control almost everything. The Bugatti Chiron, for example, has to be still and perform a self-diagnosis before it will let you drive it to its limit. In that technical regard, cars are a work of art, even though technical expression is not always artistic in common terms.

Car Paint Jobs – Art Waiting to be Created

Some cars have phenomenal paint jobs, out of the factory. But, most cars come in plain colors because those will sell better. Gray, black and white cars sell the most. Vivid colors sell less. But, people love painting their cars in different ways. Tuned vehicles often come with a new coat of paint, sometimes even murals, decals and an entire graffiti-like paint job.

Cars can be works of art, in the sense that designers create their interiors and exteriors, and that their paint jobs can be amazing. Their functional side can also be a work of art, depending on who you ask.