Fashion is Art: Famous Fashion Designers – The Dictators of Clothing Taste

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When the world needs direction, they turn to people who have great ideas. Well, there are many people with great ideas, but not all of them succeed in making those ideas into a reality. In the world of fashion, designers move and shape the world. The world of fashion changes, so with every new design, the world feels the ripples, even though many might not be into fashion.

Some people consider fashion to be art, which it very well might be, and fashion designers, artists of a sort. If that is the case, then following are the best fashion designers/artists in the world.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American designer. He is famous for making jeans and clothes which are comfortable, yet pretty expensive. The American audience responded to his apparel very well. Today, it is considered a standard to wear Calvin Klein underwear, for example, whether male or female. His controversial advertisements are another piece to the puzzle. Controversy always brings an audience, whether a positive or negative one.

Giorgio Armani

Born in Italy, this man has shaped the world of fashion by showing us that it is normal for male to wear clothes which contain feminine elements, softer clothes, and that it is also great for women to wear suits or clothes which contain male elements. His apparel was popularized greatly by Richard Gere, who wore his suit in a movie called the American Gigolo. Today, Armani makes everything from clothes to perfumes.

Miuccia Prada

Her story is quite different to that of the other fashion designers. She inherited the family business and at the time, it was in decline. Prior to that, she studied political science and even joined the communist party in Italy. What saved the family business were durable and water-resistant handbags made from Pocono nylon. Herself and businessman Patrizio Bertelli resurrected the Prada brand and to this day, it is relevant in the world of fashion.

Alexander McQueen

Creator of the bumsters, trousers cut so low that the cleavage of the gluteus could be seen, Alexander McQueen was a creator who shocked the world on multiple occasions. Prior to his own career in the 90s, he used to tailor suits, some worn by important political figures like Michail Gorbachev and Prince Charles. He remained controversial, having pistes which appeared to have a lot of blood on them, putting on shows which were memorable for reasons other than the apparel. 

Christian Dior

This is a name you keep hearing, because the brand is very strong. Dior himself lived from 1902 until 1957. A name long gone, but still here, influencing fashion, Dior did a lot of things right. After the Second World War, Dior single-handedly made French fashion important once more, as it has been before. When a single person can have so much influence, it means that they have done something really special.

Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA / CC BY (, NYC

These are the world’s most influential fashion designers, artists of a kind.