How to Responsibly Use Modern Technology

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We all thrive when technology thrives. Yet we all use technology in our daily lives, often without even thinking about it. Mobile phones have become an integral part of most people living in large cities, especially those doing business online. Though not only for business – we often use our phones to listen to music, place some Online cricket bets or even stream movies and shows we want to watch when we are on the go. TVs are everywhere, WiFi is everywhere, not to mention other bits and pieces of technology, lying around. But can we reliably use technology, without impacting the environment? We can, and here is how, with a few tips you can implement daily.

Turning Off Appliances and Electronic Devices

The best thing you can do to save the environment is turn off your appliances and devices when you are not using them.

Granted, most new devices come with automatic standby features which place the said devices into a very low power state, much akin to their off state. If you don’t plan on using your devices, you might as well turn them off. Energy going to waste is still energy going to waste, whether it’s coming from your router LED diodes, your TV blinking blue, your monitor blinking yellow, your PC blinking green, and so on and so forth. 

Disposing of Waste the Proper Way

If you don’t know what to do with your electronic waste, you should contact your local government or look it up online, if no official solutions are provided. Batteries should not simply be thrown in the same place where the rest of the waste ends up. There are a lot of different kinds of waste, like organic, metal, plastic, chemical and electronic. You should ask around and try to determine whether there are country or city-sponsored channels of disposing of specific kinds of waste, and then try to find another way, if those are unavailable.

Don’t Use Technology

Today, it is almost impossible not to use technology. People love chatting, typing and having video calls. That being said, in order to use technology responsibly, you can simply meet with a person, not use your phone the entire meeting and enjoy your time talking to your friends and loved ones. It is as simple as that, when it comes to socializing.

Exercise and other hobbies which do not involve technology are also encouraged. Whether you pick an instrument to play or a participation sport, you will be away from technology, if for a while.

Respect Other People’s Privacy (And Your Own)

Technology is going to be used, but knowing the boundaries is paramount to surviving in this day and age. Technology can be exploited and people’s privacy can be endangered. You can take care of your own privacy by using verified software, staying away from shady sites, not answering spam and phishing mails, as well as using operating systems such as Linux, which tend to be a bit safer than Windows. Respecting other people’s privacy is something you must do. 

Be Careful of What You Say

The internet is full of people monitoring things, archiving things. Be mindful of what you say and write online, because chances are that it will be logged and memorized, forever. Have that in mind when preparing to rant about something or post about a topic. The internet does not forget.

Technology can be used responsibly if you use it moderately, do not leave appliances online, as well as be careful when interacting on the internet. Follow these tips and stay safe.