The Best Non-Popular Countries to Visit – The Hidden Jewels of the World

Posted by Phoenix

The world has plenty of culture for us to see, much more than we can realistically fit in our 70 years, on average. But, how can one see so much of the world if they are not constantly on the road, spending a month or two in each country? Not everyone can live like that. The most popular countries of the world get so many tourists every single year that the rest of the world isn’t as visited. But, that means that there are hidden jewels of history and culture in our world, which we still could visit, provided we know about them. Here is a list of countries not as popular, which are every bit as beautiful as the rest of the world.


People know of Panama, but many mistake it for something else.It is a country of its own, with the capital, appropriately named, Panama City.

Being in Central America, there are plenty of countries nearby, which people tend to visit over Panama. Panama has plenty of remote islands for you to visit if you want to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. The country also has a wide range of mountains for you to climb if you are feeling more like walking than boating. Speaking of boats and beaches, Panama has quite a coastline, so it is a perfect country to visit if you prefer water.


Taiwan is home to the semiconductor industry, where most of our world’s semiconductors are made, meaning CPUs, GPUs and other electronics we use on a daily basis. It is located in East Asia and is bristling with culture. It is a very modern country, meaning high speed transport to all its destinations. The cities are full of culture, exquisite meals and lots of sights for tourists to see. Then, there is nature, easily accessible because of their transport system. It is a gem often overlooked due to other huge countries in Asia. 


This is not the Dominican Republic, but a country of its own. It is a small island-country, the island being very mountainous. This means that you can go and have an adventure. Mountain climbing, jungle treks, you name it, you can find it there. It being relatively remote, an island in the Caribbean, you can also have peace of mind and very few people disturbing your vacation.


Romania is somewhat popular, but nowhere near as popular as Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other European countries. It is home to Dracula and the vampires, but it has so much more culture and history than people often give it credit. Rich in history and nature, it is a wonderful country to explore, full of mountains, forests and culture-packed cities. If you’re feeling like you need water, they do have access to a sea, the Black Sea.


The roof of the world, home to some of the highest peaks in the world, including the highest one, Mount Everest. The capital city of Kathmandu is very busy, but it is also a cultural stop where you have to visit the sights and talk to the locals, many of which are well versed in English. Visiting the Himalayas is a must, as well as Bhaktapur, a city full of temples.

These are the world’s hidden and not so hidden gems you should consider visiting.