Top Cruise Companies and Destinations in the World

Posted by Phoenix

The world can be explored many ways. Most people prefer flying to a country and then exploring its cities or countryside on foot. Some use tour buses, others ride bicycles, but most of tourism is done on land, which is pretty normal, considering we are land creatures.

But, people also love oceans and seas. Cruising has become one of the most relaxing ways of exploring the world (provided you don’t get seasick). Cruises have been popular since large boats were around, in the 1800s. They might have lost some popularity due to the Titanic, but they are still very much a way of transportation and leisure. Here are the best cruise companies and cruise destinations in the world.


Seabourn is a large cruise ship, but definitely not the largest. That is what gives it the air of luxury it is known for. Guests have a lot of space and the experience of travelling on board is amazing, yet still intimate. The guest per space ratio is the largest of any such cruise ship in the world. Its destinations are all over the world, from Panama to the Arctic, even. Yes, things can get cold, so be prepared to pack all sorts of clothing. This cruise line will go anywhere.

Crystal Cruises

They are a very large company, offering over 800 cruises all over the world. That might seem like a lot, but you won’t be visiting the destinations in one go. The destinations are various, from ocean trips, sea trips to even river trips. There is plenty of water and ships and boats can go anywhere, depending on their size, of course. They offer luxury services, of course, like penthouse apartments, which have room service available at all times if you want it. Whether a luxury cruise or a regular one, Crystal has you covered, wherever you want to go.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

As the name might suggest, they offer trips all over the world. As the first part of their name suggests, they also offer expensive accommodation if you want it. Their cruises go to Alaska, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, Atlantic, in other words, wherever you please. 


They have very expensive rooms if you want privacy, as well as fine dining. They are also one of the few cruise lines which offer trips to the Antarctic, as well as Greenland. You can see a lot of the world if you wish to travel with Silversea. You can even visit the east part of Russia, which is not a destination many cruise lines visit. The world is full of places to explore and Silversea knows this, accommodating customers with the most intricate ideas.

Cruising and seeing the world is easy, when you know which cruise company to contact and where you want to go. With any of the above-mentioned companies, you will be able to see and experience the world in a way different to regular tourism. Book your next trip and enjoy the world.